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Yasmine X Okhtein

A famous fashion brand in Egypt

Okhtein, which means ‘sisters’ in Arabic, is a luxury fashion brand founded by Egyptian sisters Aya and Mounaz, who celebrate their rich, Middle Eastern heritage with artisan-crafted handbags, eyewear, accessories, and small leather goods. Designed in Egypt and made using some of the world’s finest materials, each unique, handmade piece tells a story of art and history to embody the spirit of the modern Arab woman. The brand bridges tradition with innovation, setting new standards that are captivating the world's attention and making Okhtein the epitome of Middle Eastern luxury and prestige.

The Arabian Gardens


Inspired by the Arabian Gardens, our collection embodies the peaceful essence of these tranquil havens, symbolizing rest and reflection. Through signature designs adorned with Arabic blossoms, we captured the essence of these paradisiacal retreats, which are not just a feast for the eyes, but also a sanctuary for the soul. In the spirit of these lush oases, our garden collection is designed to harmoniously blend tradition and contemporary elegance.

Yasmine Sabri embodies our Arab Garden-inspired capsule collection, epitomizing the flower amidst our garden

The Jasmine Capsule Collection is now available on


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